The Sandal 'season'

Ah the summer, ya can't beat it, long evenings, balmy days, sorry rainy days,99's, illuminous tops,the race for Sam , the smell of BO wafting through the air, socks and sandals on the men,  and of course trying to sell summer sandals in this short season. I often wonder why do we bother ordering summer sandals, then we get 4/5 days of fine weather in May and sure I think I might need to order more. 

I can really only really remember one fine summer, 1995 or thereabouts, it felt like it was roasting every day, and we were running out of sandals , I actually think my father was cutting the toes and heels out of regular shoes and selling them as sandals, great salesman!! I must of lived on mr freezes that summer, and spent my days in the outdoor swimming pool! Great days they were. 

Our summers weather is a great source of conversation in the shops. When it's hot, its too hot, the farmers will need a drop of rain, when it rains , it never bloody stops, and again the poor farmers are crying out for dry weather!! ''I hope this isn't our summer'' is a term frequently used by our customers, why not I ask, just go outside and enjoy the sunshine and don't be waiting for the perfect time frame to enjoy it, jesus we are never happy, good weather in April, not good, Hot weather in May its too early, all of a sudden, its June, its lashing rain, ''ah sure the longest day of the year is nearly here, sure summer is over''! 

So you kind of get the understanding, that as good as salesman as I or my brother Austin think we are, you can't convince the irish consumer to buy a pair of sandals in the lashing rain, Its an investment , i sometimes might mutter, only to get a sandal flung across the shop at my head, an investment my arse. Don't be such a smart lad now. But by God when that sunshine does appear, we are ready, get the toes out, let a bit of fresh air onto that pasty skin, get yourself some Rieker sandals, they never disappoint every summer, without fail, they perform exceptionally well. Wedges, flat sandals, comfort sandals, blingy sandals, they have it sorted.They are comfortable and stylish, so they are an easy(ish) seller!!

So the summer rolls into July, we start getting our back to school stock in and the first deliveries of winter boots, and the sandals go on sale, and another season passes me us by, time just goes to fast, waiting for the summer to arrive, and before ya know it, its September and we are all off to croker to shout for the Mayo boys on the annual pilgrim to Dublin!! Well I live in hope.....for a hot summer and sam