Running Shoes | Stability Vs. Neutral | Which is Best for You? (Part 1)

Sourcing the best running shoes can be a challenging task if you don’t understand your basic running style. Moreover, the wrong running shoes can lead to painful injuries such as Shin Splints, Runner’s Knee, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Stress Fractures, and IT Band Syndrome. Completing a proper ‘Gait Analysis’ is imperative to identifying your ‘wear and tear’ running pattern regardless of whether you are a pavement pounding novice or a seasoned marathon machine!

In the first of a two-part blog series; entitled 'Running Shoes | Stability Vs. Neutral | Which is Best for You?' the Finn Footwear editorial team have reviewed the Best Brands to present our Best-in-Class Collection of 2022 running Trainers. In this Part 1 Blog Post we look specifically at Stability Running Shoes/Trainers.

Running Profile and Foot Type
At Finn Footwear we invite all our customers to visit one of our stores so we can provide a proper in-store consultation and shoe fitting service to help identify YOUR ‘Running Profile’ and ‘Foot Type.’ This means when you buy from us you will have complete confidence that you have purchased the most suitable running shoe that best serves your needs.

As is common knowledge, all runners pronate, what differs one from the other is the degree of pronation. In an article by entitled ‘Stability vs Neutral Running Shoes’ (September 2020), most runner profiles fall into one of 3 categories Neutral Pronation, Overpronation or Underpronation (also know as Supination).

If you are completely unsure, ‘The Wet Test’ explained here, on the website is a simple procedure you can do at home to identify your foot type. There are 3-foot profiles:

1) Neutral
If you are a neutral pronator, your running pattern propels you forward in a natural roll type motion from heel to toe with your bodyweight evenly distributed across your feet. A neutral arch can absorb impact naturally therefore not requiring additional support on the medial side (inside) of the shoe. Since you have a neutral running style you require neutral running shoes.

2) Overpronator
If you overpronate, you more than likely are flat footed and have fallen arches. When you run, your feet roll inwards when you impact the ground putting a lot of weight bearing pressure on the medial side of your foot and your ankles. As aptly defined by the experts at (April 2022)

"A person with excessive foot roll (over-pronation) would be paired with stability runners"

As an overpronator you require additional stability and support on the inside of the foot and so stability runners are the best option for you.

3) Supinator
If you underpronate or suffer from supination, then you tend to have high or rigid arches. Although this foot type tends to be rarer, as a supinator you have minimal inward foot roll or put more simply, the weight distribution on your feet falls outward upon impact. The experts at describe it perfectly in their critque 'Best Running Shoes for Supination 2022' when the state 

"As supinators often have very rigid feet, there are more jarring forces on their body while running or walking. That makes them more likely to suffer from ankle injuries, stress fractures or shin splints if they have ill-fitting running shoes or shoes that are not cushioned enough".

Well cushioned running shoes will help with the lack of shock absorption that are attributed to higher more rigid arches. Since stability runners have a lot of anti-pronation support, they are deemed not suitable for supinators as they will only push the foot even more to the lateral side of the shoe. For this reason, most supinators choose a neutral running shoe with the option of adding insoles for additional comfort and support if required.

Now that you have more of an appreciation of your foot type and running style. Let’s have a look at the best Stability Runners available from the 2022 Finn Footwear Collection.

Stability Runners


It’s impossible to write about stability running shoes without mentioning the well acclaimed and much-loved Global Brooks Brand. In a recent review by (May 2022), on the ‘7 Best Stability Running Shoes in 2022’, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 was rated Superb, as 'The Best Stability Running Shoe for Wide feet' with a score of 4.6/5 across 70,125 Users and 91/100 across 18 Experts. It secured the top
  • 1% in Road Running Shoes
  • 4% in Brooks Running Shoes
  • 1% Most Popular Running Shoes
As rated by experts, the upper is
‘The real deal in this field. It has enough ‘give’ and is coupled with some stretchy laces that keep the foot securely in place. It has superb stability; it is soft but not mushy and strikes a good blend between softness and rigidity. 
‘The midsole is the real showstopper!
"It balances both rigidity and softness so well, you don’t get that mushy nor rock-hard feel. Its supportive elements - the GuideRails - are not pronounced nor harsh either’
Above all it was rated for its durability
‘And if you’re in search of the most durable stability running shoe on the market, we strongly recommend getting this! It’s built to be heavy-duty, and it delivers just that. It aced our wear tests, and we expect it to go 400-500 miles before retiring’
At Finn Footwear we are delighted to offer two versions of this outstanding ladies running shoe, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Ladies Trainer style 1203291 B171 in Light Blue and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Ladies Trainer in Black/Pink/Yuca.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Ladies Trainer 1203291 B171

This is a perfect road running shoe that was made just for your stride. The air mesh hugs your foot for a secure fit and improves breathability.

Consistent with the best Stability Runners is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22. This latest style by Brooks is voted by the editors in the Fleet Feet Buyer’s Guide (May 9th, 2022) as one of the Best Stability Running Shoes for 2022.
"Brooks creates stability with its unique GuideRails technology. Rather than using a traditional medial post, the holistic support system uses bumper-like rails to shift the focus to your knees and keep excess motion in check as you run. This year they changed the midsole to make it 100% DNA Loft, which allows for it to be softer and makes for a smoother heel-to-toe transition. They also updated the upper, changing the 3D technology to make it more secure and move better with your foot. Reviewers loved the breathable engineered mesh in our Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 review".
Finn Footwear is delighted to present its Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 22 Trainer Style 1103661D435 in a Peacoat/India Ink/Grenadine colourway.  It is also available in All Black (Style 11030661D020). This is a striking stability runner, great for everyday runs and is one of our top selling runners for the casual male runner!
Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 22 Trainer 1103661D435

Click Here to view our full range of Ladies and Men’s Brooks Running Shoes.


Saucony are manufacturers of running shoes for over a century. The Saucony Guide 14 Ladies Trainer received a thumbs up in a recent review ‘Saucony’s Guide 14 Is That Stable Relationship You’ve Been Searching for' by Amanda Furrer (March 2021),
“Its striking 3D Print overlays adorn the engineered mesh and its TPU medial post provides stability”

Try our ladies Saucony Guide 14 Style S10654-30  in Blue Berry and our men’s Saucony Guide 14 Men’s Trainer in Charcoal.

Saucony Guide 14 Ladies Running Trainer S10654-30

The Guide 15 is Saucony’s NEWEST offering in a stability runner and it has much to excite both novice and experienced runners.

Voted by as one of the Best Stability Running shoes for 2022, in the Best for Long Runs category' (3rd February 2022)

“The Saucony Guide 15 Trainer Style S10684-1 pairs a lightweight TPU Medial Post and sturdy heel counter. The 15 has a revamped upper with bungee lacing for a more secure fit”.

Finn Footwear offers a Ladies version of the Saucony Guide 15 Style S10684-1 in a striking Sunstone colourway.

Saucony Guide 15 Ladies Trainer S10684-1

Newly reformulated PWRRUN foam packs yield more responsiveness with a softer feel than most other EVA formulations making the lion’s share of the cushioning even softer and more responsive.  Formfit addresses the collective constructions that help Saucony shoes wrap and fit around your entire foot and the Guide has been streamlined to achieve more comfort with less bulk. You will primarily notice this in the enhanced heel fit and a generally lighter feel on the foot. The Guide delivers a livelier sensation that what stability- seeking runners are accustomed to.

Click Here to view our full range of Ladies and Men’s Saucony Trainers.

New Balance

Voted the Best Stability Runner for 2022 by in the Best for Severe Overpronation Category 2022’ (3rd February 2022) is the New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12. What makes this trainer such a winner is

 “Like its v11 predecessor, the 860v12 has two layers of Fresh Foam in its midsole—the top is soft, the bottom is speedy. New Balance tweaked the formula of the lower layer (an EVA-based material), slightly lowering the durometer—a measure of hardness. So, in this version of the shoe, it feels a smidge more forgiving”

Finn Footwear offers the ladies version in a flattering Navy Multi colourway New Balance style W860G12 so if you suffer from overpronation and need a good solid stability runner then this is the runner for you! With a double-knit synthetic/mesh upper for added durability, This special edition model features glow-in-the-dark for dark runs and bold styling!

New Balance Ladies Running Trainer W860G12

In a recent article by ‘Best Running Shoes for Overpronation 2022’

The New Balance 860 was ALSO voted one of the 'Best Running Shoes for Heel Support' and One of the 'Best Stability Shoes for Wide Feet'

“A medial post controls pronation and a two layered midsole offers soft cushioning when you land. The engineered mesh upper conforms to the shape of your foot".

Click Here to view our full range of Ladies New Balance Trainers.
Click Here to view our full range of Men’s New Balance Trainers. 
Shop online today at or visit us in-store to purchase a NEW pair of Stability Runners this season.

Stay Tuned to our 'Between Shoe and Me' Blog Post Series on 'Running Shoes | Stability Vs. Neutral | Which is Best for You?  where in (Part 2), we will 'Get up close and Personal' with what's new in Neutral Runners!

We will present the best options for you whether you have a neutral gait or you are a supinator! So stay tuned!

Coming soon.....

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