5 Key Trends | New Season Footwear | Spring Summer 2022 (Part 2)

 4.Sustainable Footwear – Vegan Ranges

As trends in the footwear industry and their impact on the environment continue to merge, the advent of Spring Summer 2022 brings with it the exponential growth in the savvy sensible eco-friendly customer. These buyers are extremely conscious of how adversely the production and manufacturing processes of the fashion and footwear Industry impact the environment. This cohort is no longer voting with their minds, they are voting with their wallets leading to a surge in demand for sustainable footwear manufactured 100% WITHOUT animal materials.

A recent fashion article from RTE Lifestyle referenced Jamie Hyam Sneaker Expert from The Sole Supplier in the UK who stated “that following the pandemic, shoppers are more concerned with the environmental impact of their purchases: Consumers are looking to invest in brands which are shown to be active towards issues such as plastic consumption, sustainable operations, and renewable materials. The explosion in choice of Vegan footwear options for Spring 2022 is evidence of this upward lifestyle trend.

Our Finn Footwear Tamaris range ports an eye-catching collection of vegan options in bold and neutral pallets. The Ladies Zip Detail Vegan Athleisure Style 23732 596 is 100% manufactured without animal materials and its ultra-chic White/Rose Gold colourway is a striking neutral combination guaranteed to offset any outfit in your Spring Summer wardrobe

Tamaris Ladies Zip Detail Vegan Athleisure Shoe 23732 596

For a more fashionable sporty look, check out our Tamaris Pull-on Style 23729 001 where a fusion of innovative design and casual comfort blend to deliver a futuristic street style vibe. This shoe is part of the Tamaris Vegan range, 100% manufactured without animal materials for a responsible lifestyle. The pull-on heel tab ensures easy access for the wearer. The extra aero dynamic support inherent in the heel ensures added stability and support for all day wearer comfort.

Tamaris Ladies Laced Vegan Athleisure Shoe 23729 001

Marco Tozzi also offers a robust vegan range for the eco fashion conscious consumer. We are delighted to showcase this jazzy Low Wedge Athleisure Shoe by Marco Tozzi style 23726 402 consisting of 100% Vegan Components. The use of animal ingredients is avoided in the entire manufacturing process. The removable exchangeable footbed provides optimal support in the ball and heel area. This soft neutral cream combination colourway pairs perfectly with everything in your spring summer wardrobe making it the ideal purchase for the season. Choose Vegan and choose an eco-conscious lifestyle without compromising on comfort style or quality.

 Marco Tozzi Ladies Vegan Side Zip Low Wedge Athleisure Shoe 23726 402

5. Birkenstock Look and Feel 

You might be forgiven for thinking that Birkenstocks with their signature wrap-around cork soles are a thing of the past but think again, the Birkenstock ‘Look and Feel’ is very much to the fore for Spring Summer 2022. As Vogue Magazine affirmed in their fashion trends critique, Feb 2022 “No, Birkenstocks are not out of Fashion…. Here’s Proof in 13 Looks”.

Many leading fashion brands have re-examined the classic Birkenstock style to create and launch their own variant; a rival mule alternative which has the ‘Look and Feel’ of the classic Birkenstock for Spring Summer 2022.

Our S.Oliver’s slip-on mule offering in the form of a low wedge heel style 27201-001 in Black is a sure crowd pleaser and has the classic Birkenstock 'look and feel' with hallmark features including concave heel cup, raised toe bars and double strap. This black colourway will pair with every outfit in your new season wardrobe from long flowy dresses to miniskirts, wide leg trousers and even shorts!


 s.Oliver Ladies Slip on Low Wedge Sandal 27201-001

For a more luxurious option, our Marco Tozzi’s Premio Leather Mule Offering style 27405 396 mirrored also on a Birkenstock 'Look and Feel' in a warm tobacco colour is the ultimate kick back casual Birkenstock spin off.

Marco Tozzi Ladies Premio Slip on Mule Sandal 27405 396

Tamaris also has a mule slip on Birkenstock variant, style 27503 214 in cool metallic Anthracite, providing the perfect ‘Go To’ mule sandal for Summer 2022.

 Tamaris Ladies Slip On Mule Sandal 27503 28 214

Stay tuned to our Blog  'Between Shoe And Me' for future posts on  'Footwear Trends', 'New Season Style's, 'How to Tips' and and all things Shoe! 


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