Know Your Heels | What’s Trending for Spring Summer 2023?

It’s time to kickstart the Spring Summer Season in a pair of fashionable trendy heels but just how familiar are you with the different type of heel options available? There is quite literally a jaw-dropping and eye-popping range of new season styles with varying heel choices from Block, Slingback, Platform, Ankle Strap, Spool/Trumpet, Wedge, Espadrille, Stacked, Stiletto, Mule, Kitten, Cuban, Peep Toe, and of course the classic Pump or court shoe as it is often referred to! Whatever heel type you are looking for, be it a ‘Wear to Work’ heel or an ‘Off the Clock’ heel, there is simply a dazzling number of options to choose from.  Not sure where to dip your toe into next to create the perfect look? The Finn Footwear editorial team has prepared an impressive list of the different heel types that will leave you truly inspired! Whether it’s an elegant slingback or an effortless wedge, a classic pump or a trendy platform, choosing a flattering heel type always adds the perfect combination of style and finesse to any outfit. So if you want to up your style quotient this season in a pair of killer heels, this blog post is just for you!.

As fashion writer Rose Schleicher from so eloquently stated in her recent article ’30 Types of Heels Every Woman Should Know’ (Nov 2022)

“Regardless of what Marilyn Monroe said; heels are a woman’s best friend! The right kind of shoe can boost your confidence, transform your look and make heads turn as soon as you enter the room”. 

So no matter what your preference, there is a heel type to suit you!

The Trumpet/Spool Heel

The spool heel (sometimes known as the trumpet heel), originated in Europe during the Baroque and Rococo periods (early 17th-18th century). This heel type resembles the spool of an old spinning wheel where the heel gets its name. The shape of the heel is characterised by an hourglass shape; wide at the top, a narrow centre and flared again at the base. (Hence why it can also be referred to as the Trumpet heel). This structure creates a good balance making these heels easier to walk in.

Fashion writer Ana Roberts from in her article ’45 Types of Heels’ (Jan 2023) describes the spool heel as

‘With its distinctive European flair, cinched appearance and excellent grip, this footwear pairs wonderfully with smart attire’.

Fresh out of the box this season with a spool trumpet heel is our Marco Tozzi Ladies Court Shoe Style 22418 510 in faux suede Cerise Pink. (Also available in Royal Blue Style 22418 20 838). Marco Tozzi is one of our classic brands and is a style for the fashion-conscious modern woman! This new season court pairs perfectly with a pair of white skinny jeans and contrasting oversized blazer with ruched sleeves!

Marco Tozzi Ladies Heel Court Shoe 22418 510

The Slingback Heel

One of the hottest styles for Spring Summer 2023 is the Slingback heel. This heel type is noted for its thin strap around the heel as opposed to a traditional strap across the bridge of the foot. If you are in search of a heel that epitomises elegance and sophistication, then the slingback is the perfect choice. With so many upcoming occasions on your Spring Summer calendar including communions, confirmations, graduations and weddings it’s hard to beat the versatility and appeal of the slingback. Style writer Rose Schleicher of her article '30 Types of Heels Every Woman Should Know' states one of the many advantages of the slingback is

‘The absence of straps on the bridge of your feet visually elongates and slims your leg".

Here is a selection of our hottest slingback styles!

Our Caprice Ladies Slingback Shoe Style 29602 20 139 comes in stunning Ivory. Its two-tone silver gold boucle embellishment with pointed toe oozes style and elegance. The leather upper and leather footbed together with the CAPRICE insole caresses the foot providing maximum wearer comfort all day long. This is the ideal dressy stylish heel choice this season. For a more smart casual vibe, these slingbacks look great with capri pants, or midi/knee length dresses that will show off your legs and ankles!

Caprice Ladies Slingback Shoe Style 29602 20 139

Equally stunning is our Caprice Ladies Slingback Heel Shoe, style 29601 20 520 in ‘Powder Patent’. Made from High Quality Leather, this shoe is like a second skin, it caresses the foot, ensuring optimal foot climate and together with the CAPRICE insole provides maximum wearer comfort.  This dressy sling back offers style and comfort for Spring Summer 2023. Pair with skirts and dresses of all lengths; midi and maxi for the ultimate special occasion!

Caprice Ladies Sling Back Heel Shoe 29601-20 520

Our Unisa Teodor Ladies Slingback with buckle strap in stunning 'Gold Metallic' finish will make heads turn at any upcoming event on your social calendar this season. This leather upper with high 8cm heel height will elongate even the shortest leg and the slightly tapered heel with pointed toe makes this style ultra-flattering on the foot. This Unisa Teodor Ladies Slingback is also available in Silver.

Unisa Teodor Ladies Sling Back Heel Shoe

If you wish to up the ‘Glam Factor’ for your upcoming event, then Our Lotus Joie Ladies Slingback, style ULS349 will fail to disappoint. This ladies 'Silver' court shoe comes with a shimmering array of diamantes adorning the pointed toe adding an ultra-chic vibe to this gorgeous silhouette. The footbed rests on a metallic finished 9cm block with buckled heel strap. The mid elastic strap across the bridge of the foot provides enhanced security and comfort. If Diamantes are your thing then our Lotus Violette Ladies Sling Back Heel Shoe style ULS384 in 'Faux Suede Navy' upper is sure to be a conversation starter this season. The eye-catching diamante embellished mid strap which curves at an angle across the foot is very elegant and together with the pointed toe of the shoe adds to the overall sophistication and style of this shoe.

Lotus Joie Ladies Slingback Heel Shoe ULS349

The Block Heel

The Block heel is probably the one heel type with which we all can readily identify. It’s defining characteristic is that it has a broader heel base so your body weight is distributed more evenly thus making it the sturdy ‘Go to’ heel of choice for most women.

Fashion writer Ana Roberts from in her article ’45 Types of Heels’ (Jan 2023) describes the Block heel as

“Block heels are a wardrobe must-have for women who need footwear that can be dressed up or down with different outfits. A block heel features a thick-shaped heel with a large surface area. This fashionable footwear style offers a balance between cute and functional and can be paired with a skirt for a business professional outfit or a cocktail dress for a smart casual look.”

Because block heels can be dressed up or dressed down, there are many varying styles to choose from to suit every occasion.

Medium Block Heel Court

Our Marco Tozzi Block heel Court, style 22416 20 408 with elegant V cut comes in a cool neutral 'Nude' shade and is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The V Cut gives this shoe sophistication and elegance in a medium block heel. This is the perfect choice for those who wish to don the  'court shoe look' in a medium heel height without compromising on style and elegance.  This is the perfect transitional shoe choice taking you effortlessly from 'work to weekend' by pairing with skirts, ankle grazer pants, trouser suits or a pair of casual slacks and a blazer. This style is also available in 'Classic Black', Style 22416 001 and 'Navy' 22416 805.

Marco Tozzi Ladies V Cut Block Heel Shoe 22416-20 408

Our Caprice styles 22305 408 (Beige Comb) and 22305 808 (Navy Comb) are the perfect everyday ‘Wear to Work’ heels. These medium block heels come in leather and are a real winner if you want to perfect the smart casual vibe. Looking for a patent option? then try our Caprice style 22307 20 009 also in a soft leather 'Black' patent option with a flattering bow on the toe front.

Block Heel With Platform Sole

The platform sole is one of the most iconic fashion statements from the 1970’s era. This retro style has made a comeback in recent years and comes in both shoe and sandal styles. Although a high heel, many consider the elevated platform style to be an easier heel to wear than some of its rivals (such as the Stiletto) because the footbed is flat and chunky providing equal measures of support that extend along the footbed from heel to toe.  

Personal stylist Pratima Ati from in her article ‘Different Types of Heels – A Beginner’s Guide’ (Feb 2023) states that the platform heel is ‘In’ for summer 2023

“These heels are a big trend for the upcoming Summer-Spring season, a huge must-have”

When combined with a Block heel, the platform gives the added height you crave combined with the style and comfort of a sturdy heel. If you are ‘vertically challenged’ and want to effortlessly add a few inches to your stature while donning one of the season's hottest NEW styles then the Block heel with platform sole is a great choice for you!

Our Tamaris Ladies Block heel platform sandal comes in both metallic 'Light Gold' Style 28039 20 909 and 'Silver' Style 28039 20 941.

This platform sole with block heel, together with Anti Shockk and Anti Slide features means you will enjoy the benefits of high heels, without tormenting your feet all day long. The addition of the Tamaris TOUCH-IT Footbed, will make you feel like you`re floating on a cloud. The wearer’s own bodyweight ensures the soft insole repeatedly moulds itself to the special shape of the foot, thereby ensuring optimum wearing comfort.

Tamaris Ladies Block Heel Platform Sandal 28039 20 909
This sandal is your 'Go To' Sandal for all occasions this 2023 Summer Season. Combining all the hot trends of an elegant, sophisticated, chic platform, this  dressy sandal makes this style a real winner for Weddings, parties, Summer BBQs, Communions, Christenings and just about every occasion where you want to create the WOW Effect. The stunning metallic effect in either Gold or Silver colourways ensures that this heel will be a perfect match for ANY and EVERY outfit this season!

The Stacked Heel

What is a stacked heel? Korky Vann fashion writer for describes a stacked heel in his article ‘What is a Stacked Heel? Try these 12 pairs for Comfort and Style’ (Sept 2021) as follows:

"With a stacked heel, there are typically "stacked" layers of wood or leather, often giving a subtle striping effect".

Most people tend to associate the stacked heel with western style boots but this season you will likely see the stacked heel in courts, loafers as well as sandals. The stacked heel adds elegance and style to a heel and is a nice alternative to the standard block heel (discussed above) but its broad base makes it equally as sturdy. Here are some of our stacked heel favourites!

Jana Softline Ladies Court Shoe style 22477 20 191 in 'White Silver' epitomises everything in a classic style court shoe with a 55mm stacked heel. This style comes in a wide fit so if you tend to have a wide toe box but want the added comfort of a sturdy heel, then the style is a great option. This is a perfect ‘everyday wear’ court shoe and white is the ideal colour for spring summer. Pair with skinny jeans and oversized blazer to rock a hip trendy vibe this season.

Jana Softline Ladies Court Shoe 22477-20 191

In her column Mary McMahon of (Feb 2023) boldly states

“The height of the stack heel can vary quite widely. Unlike stilettos, which are usually associated with very tall heels, stack heels can provide relatively little lift”.

One style where the stacked heel is highly visible is the new season loafer where we feature a stunning collection. You may remember we discussed the comeback of the loafer last season. The latest spring summer 2023 loafer collection includes many styles with the iconic ‘Lower Stacked Heel’ option.

Our Tamaris Slip on Loafer style 24304-20 909  is both Elegant and stylish. The strip effect on the stacked heel is in sharp contrast to the metallic Light Gold Colourway of the upper.  The Tamaris 'Touch It' Insole provides cushioning for all day comfort.  Pair this style for a casual dress down day or as a staple ‘Go to Work Shoe’.

For a flat stacked heel option in a loafer, try our Marco Tozzi loafers style 24212 20 560 in Powder and Style 24212 20 847  in Polar Blue.
Marco Tozzi Ladies Slip On Loafer 24212-20 847

Caprice also have incorporated the stacked heel look into their new seasons loafers. Our Caprice Loafer, Style 24201 857 in rich ocean suede comes in a full leather upper with leather footbed and 25mm flat stacked heel which strikes a nice design contrast to the blue suede and boucle detail on the upper.

Caprice Ladies Slip On Suede Loafer Shoe 24201 857

The Classic Pump/Court Heel

The traditional court shoe or Pumps (as they often referred to) are back with a vengeance this season as many people have exchanged their love of Athleisure (worn continuously during the pandemic) for the opportunity to slip back into a pair of staple heels or pumps. Many people confuse pumps with stilettos, the difference lies mainly in the heel height. Stilettos are often described as the ‘Mother of all heels’ and are usually anywhere between 4-6 inches in height. Pumps usually come between ~3-4 inches and are a staple all rounder heel type. As one style writer states (Schleicher 2023)

“They are perfect for your weekly nine-to-five but can also be effortlessly combined with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress for social engagements”.

The occasion most definitely defines the type of pump heel you require and since they are a girl’s staple type of heel, it is highly advisable to have a few different type of pump heels in your shoedrobe collection to carry you through from day to evening whether it be that all important corporate luncheon or a night on the town with the girls!

Tamaris have launched a whole new range of new season pumps for spring summer. One of our personal favourites is the Tamaris style 22421 20 464. This dressy elegant court shoe comes in a Shell Croco colourway with a soft upper. This elegant court shoe has a medium height heel with a pointed toe coming in slightly under the 3 inches at 70mm. It contains Tamaris ‘Touch Fit’ insoles for added comfort. This shoe will match any outfit for the busy summer ahead. This style easily transitions from a day to evening look. Our Tamaris Style 22431 20 229 in a Pearl Colourway (also 70mm in height) comes with crystal embellishments on a pointed toe and is ideal for that special occasion.

Tamaris Ladies Heel Court Shoe 22431-20 229

The equally stunning Tamaris Court Shoe style, 22434 187 comes in Royal Blue faux suede and is a very sleek and stylish option for the modern woman. If blue is for you then this elegant court with 75mm heel height is a must have for your new season collection.

Tamaris Ladies Heel Court Shoe 22434 187

Marco Tozzi also presents a stunning collection of fresh new styles including our high heel Ladies Court style 22417 700. At 85mm this high heel is 3.5 Inches in height, comes in 'Green' and has a gorgeous Gold Chain Boucle embellishment on the toe. Perfect for any special occasion or why not don a pair of skinny jeans with oversized blazer to create a sexy but sassy ‘off the clock’ vibe! Also available in Cream Style 22417 403.

Marco Tozzi Ladies High Heel Court Shoe 22417 700

A slight variation is the Marco Tozzi White Patent Court Style 22412 20 123. This style comes in a slightly higher heel 90mm but the hidden platform and the ‘Feel Me’ Marco Tozzi footbed provides all the cushioning you need to support you for hours at a time.

Marco Tozzi Ladies High Heel White Patent Court Shoe 22412-20 123

Click Here to check out our full range of Ladies Court Shoes! 

The Ankle Strap Heel

The Ankle strap heel is very much on trend this season. As the name clearly identifies, ankle strap heels have a strap around the ankle which helps to securely fasten the heel to the foot. When worn with the right ensemble they create a sexy look that is very flattering to the foot. As Ana Roberts style icon with states (January 2023), they are ideally suited when paired with

“Classic ankle strap heels look incredibly chic when paired with calf-length pants and sleek summer dresses, as these silhouettes allow your footwear to take centre stage”

Style icon Paola Farina from advises

“Avoid these if your legs and ankles are not slim and toned, or if you are petite.” These shoes are perfect for flaunting long legs.”

Our Tamaris Ladies Heel Ankle Strap Shoe 24408-20 593 in a gorgeous ‘Rose Pearl’ colourway comes with an 85mm heel and is both sleek and stylish. It will pair perfectly with capri pants, midi dresses or why not wear them with skinny leather pants for a contrasting hip trendy vibe.

Tamaris Ladies Heel Ankle Strap Shoe 24408-20 593

If you are looking for an extra special occasion wear shoe that ticks the boxes of comfort, elegance and style check out our latest spring summer arrivals from our Lotus Collection. Many styles come with matching handbags. For a hot new pink this season, check out our Lotus Willow Ladies High Heel Shoe ULS395. This beautiful dress shoe from Lotus’s occasion wear collection comes in 'Pink Satin'. Soft uppers along with extremely cushioned footbeds make this style an extremely comfortable fit. It’s heel cup and elegant crisscross straps provide excellent support. Perfect for any occasion where a 'Wow Effect' is required.

Lotus Willow Ladies High Heel Shoe ULS395

If you like the block heel described above but wish to rock the ankle strap heel, then our Rieker Ladies Block Heel Velcro Sandal, style 64676-60 comes with a Velcro ankle strap that can be easily adjusted to suit your ankle shape and size. These gorgeous sandals come in a Beige/Gold colourway which is perfect for Spring Summer. Pair with skirts, dresses or jeans for a cool causal vibe!
Rieker Ladies Block Heel Velcro Sandal 64676-60

The Wedge Espadrille Heel

No spring summer season would be complete without the classic wedge heel. This time of year you will often see the wedge heel seamlessly interwoven with the espadrille heel since it combines the best of summer wrapped into one unique heel design. The wedge heel is ‘the champion’ when it comes to putting ‘comfort’ and ‘high heel’ into the same sentence. If you want to pull off a heel with effortless easy then the wedge is the ideal choice for you. The espadrille heel is an iconic summer heel originating from the traditional Spanish sandal, where the sole is woven from esparto rope. 

We stock the Tamaris Ladies slip on Espadrille Wedge Shoe, style 22417 805. The solid Navy upper is offset by a contrasting navy white combination espadrille sole which is very eye -catching. The navy white combination screams the nautical maritime colours which are always a huge hit for spring summer. At 56mm these elegant wedges are the perfect casual spring summer shoe and are "Oh so comfortable! This style is also available in a neutral Ivory shade style 22417 418.

Tamaris Ladies Slip On Espadrille Wedge Shoe 22417 805

Click here to view our full range of Ladies Heels


Q. What is the main difference between a regular Pump Heel (Classic Court shoe) and a Stiletto Heel? 
Pump Heels (Regular court shoes) typically tend to be no higher than 4 inches (often averaging 3.5 inches or below) and the front sits lower on the floor, compared to stiletto heels which tend to have raised tops off the floor and heel height from 4 inches to 6 inches. It is with little surprise that Stilettos are commonly referred to as the 'Mother of all heels'.

Q. Which Figure is best suited for the Ankle Strap Heel? 
An Ankle strap heel (as the name suggests) draws attention to the ankle as well as the lower leg and for that reason they are best worn by those who have toned legs and slim ankles. If you have bigger ankles and a more mature calf try a regular high heel pump which will elongate your leg making your ankles and legs appear slimmer.

Q. What is the Best way to style a pair of Killer Heels? 
To create the classy but edgy ‘off the clock’ vibe in a pair of killer heels, try pairing with skinny jeans and an oversized blazer with ruched sleeves. To complete the look, contrast with a jewelled clutch and a sleek back hairstyle or up do!

We hope you've enjoyed reading Our Blog Post 'Know Your Heels | What's Trending for Spring Summer 2023' . Remember to choose Finn Footwear for all your footwear needs this season. We are always available to take your calls and answer your questions!

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