A Guide to Understanding Wide Fitting Shoes | All You Need to Know

It is widely agreed that shopping for top quality footwear is one of the shrewdest investments you will consistently make throughout your lifetime. But are you one of those people who frequently struggles with buying comfortable shoes that offer the perfect fit? Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that you may have wide feet? If this thought has crossed your mind, then perhaps it’s time to give the possibility further consideration. If you have wide feet, regular standard fitting shoes will never be comfortable irrespective of which size, style or brand you purchase. In this latest blog post, we examine some of the contributing factors which cause wide feet and the identifiable signs that indicate you may need wide fitting shoes. We present a measuring guide from Easy-B, one of the world’s renowned global brands in wide fitting shoes to help measure the width and length of your feet. This tool serves as a guide in helping to decide whether or not you are a candidate for wide fitting shoes. We always recommend you should visit us in-store for a proper professional assessment and measurement of your feet. Finally, we highlight the factors you need to consider when shopping for wide fitting shoes by showcasing a sample of our best wide fitting styles. Armed with all this information you will have both the knowledge and the confidence to shop for quality comfortable wide fitting shoes without fear of your feet looking matronly or boat-like!

Why Do I have Wide Feet?

There are many reasons which may contribute to why you have wide feet but essentially the causes can be categorised into three main areas as clearly articulated in a recent article ‘Why Do I have Wide Feet’ by independent website www.helpshoe.com (May 2022) which frequently publishes informative articles about shoes, health-related issues and outdoor activities. Quite simply...

'Wide feet are either caused by genetics, environmental factors, or underlying health conditions.’

This is very true. Firstly, genetics contribute significantly to the anatomical makeup of our entire physique not least our feet! Quite simply you may have been born with wide feet, flat feet or fallen arches. Chances are when we take the hereditary factor into account, if either of your parents had wide feet then (like it or not) there is a much higher probability of you inheriting this familial trait! Environmental factors can include everything from simply not wearing the right fitting shoes for years which only compounds the underlying problem, to not wearing any shoes at all in the earlier years of childhood development. Finally underlying health conditions can often be the culprit which includes everything from foot swelling, obesity, diabetes, circulatory and cardiac related illness to pregnancy and aging.

These reasons are also referenced in an article ‘How do I know if I Have Narrow or Wide Feet’ by www.feetfirstclinic.com (March 2021) who cite Genetics, age, foot deformities, improper footwear, pregnancy and swelling as they main factors causing wide feet.

Whatever the reason, if you do have wide feet, it definitely means you are a candidate for wide fitting shoes.

Signs That I May need Wide fitting shoes?

The best way to answer this question is to seek the advice of a shoe fitting professional who is fully qualified in measuring feet. Here at Finn Footwear, we (Austin and Paul) have over 40+ years professional experience in measuring, buying and selling footwear. We have a comfortable fit for every wide foot shape and type and a range of globally recognised brands and styles to suit! Visit us in store or give us a call and we can advise you accordingly. You may be wondering to yourself are there any obvious signs which would help you discern if you are a candidate for wide fitting shoes. Here are some of the obvious reasons:

Do you suffer frequently from blisters? While it is common to suffer a few blisters in the early days of breaking in a new pair of shoes, if you continually suffer from blisters, it could be an indication your shoes are too narrow.

Hammer Toes
Hammer toes are deformities that occur due to an imbalance in the muscles, ligaments or tendons that hold the toe straight resulting in a protrusion upwards typically in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th toe. They are very painful! There are many reasons which can cause hammer toes including; deformity in your anatomical foot structure (genetic), certain diseases and trauma (health conditions/accidents), and environmental conditions i.e., wearing shoes that are too narrow across the toe box. All or any of these major contributing factors can result in the curled upward position of your toes (Hammer Toes) as there simply isn’t room for the toes to lie flat. Wide fitting shoes provide the extra space required for a comfortable fit.

Equally painful are Bunions, bony joints that form at the base of your big toe. While bunions can be genetic, they are usually the result of wearing pointy toe shoes or shoes that are simply too narrow across the toe box. Some bunions are mild while others can be quite severe requiring surgery. Either way wider fitting shoes will provide a comfortable fit without the pain endured from wearing shoes that are simply too narrow.

Corns are another common but painful condition resulting in patches of skin that have become thick and hardened that can appear on the sides of your feet and top of your toes. The friction caused between shoe fabric and the bones of the feet can result in the formation of corns. While not exclusively the cause, shoes that are too narrow are often the culprit.

Swollen feet
While it is extremely common for every person’s foot to swell throughout the day, some people with underlying health conditions including diabetes or circulatory and pulmonary heart conditions may continuously suffer from swollen feet. In these cases, wide fitting shoes make the difference between providing a secure comfortable fit with room for expansion without exasperating the underlying health condition.

Although a temporary condition, ask any woman who is pregnant and suffers from swollen feet and they will tell you just how long 9 months can be!! especially when comfortable footwear is an absolute prerequisite! Wide fitting shoes provide much comfort and welcome relief from tired swollen feet.

Anyone who suffers from diabetes understands how long term build up of high blood glucose levels can lead to swelling or edema in the lower extremities, especially the feet. Many diabetic patients find additional comfort and security by investing in wide fitting shoes with adjustable straps that can be easily adjusted to suit their expanding and contracting podiatry requirements.

Use of Orthotics
Perhaps you use orthotics because of an underlying condition such as Plantar Fasciitis or because you suffer from back pain. Maybe you have an injury or illness? or acquired a genetic defect identified at birth. While standard high street shoes have insoles replaceable with orthotics, sometimes the best solution for a perfect fit for those with orthotics lies in the acquisition of wide fitting shoes.

While visible signs such as the aforementioned conditions may indicate the need for wide fitting shoes, measuring your feet will also provide an additional metric to gauge whether or not you should be in the market for wide fitting shoes. As https://www.toetalfootcare.co.uk  explains in their article 'Easy-B Extra Wide Fitting Shoes - Fitting Size E to 8E' it is important to understand that  

"When people talk about the “width” of a shoe they are actually talking about the combination of side to side (tread width) and height (depth of toe box) measurements. Variations in either of these parameters is possible. Easy-B comfort starts with the correct fitting in terms of length, width and toe depth"

Easy B have created a customised DIY ladies and men’s foot measuring guide which can serve as an indicator for those wishing to answer the questions Do I have wide fit? Or am I a candidate for wide fitting shoes? These tools are self-explanatory but as previously stated you should always engage the services of a professional shoe fitter for an accurate measurement of the width and depth of your feet.

Click Here to download the Easy-B Ladies & Men's Wide Shoe Measuring Guide.


DB Shoes with their brand Easy-B is a well-known global leader in the wide fitting shoes market. Easy B understands that everybody’s feet are shaped differently and with over 7 different width fittings to choose from (V, EE, 2V, 4E, 6E, 6V, 8E) the below infographic by Easy-B ‘Easy-B Wide Fitting Shoe Options and Variations’ explains each of the different fittings in terms of ‘width’ and ‘depth’ where V is a High street thread width which can be adjusted in depth with the removal of an insole to fit an E to an EEE foot, all the way to 8E which is an extremely wider thread and an even deeper toe box to accommodate the widest, deepest feet! This scale in ‘width’ and ‘depth’ of the EASY-B line ensures that whatever the size and shape of your feet there is an Easy-B shoe to suit everyone! So, Let’s have a look at some of our popular styles.

Easy-B Wide Fitting Shoe Options & Variations

Our Ladies Easy B Healey Ladies Wineberry Velcro EE shoe is an Easy B standard wide fitting shoe. It comes with removable insoles if extra depth is required allowing the shoe to transform from an EE to a 4E fit. It comes in a soft leather upper with shock absorbent PU injected sole and has no seams across the toe box making this shoe extremely comfortable to wear all day long. Its Velcro strap provides easy access and can be easily adjusted throughout the day to suit the wearer’s needs.

Easy B Healey Ladies Wineberry Velcro EE Fit Shoe

This style also comes in neutral champagne Easy B Healey Ladies Champagne Velcro EE and Classic Black Easy B Healey Ladies Black Velcro EE.

Easy B Healey Ladies Champagne Velcro EE Fit Shoe

Our Easy B Keswick Ladies Black Stretch Shoe 2V fit is a classic Easy B leather style, easy to wear, soft shoe. A stretch tonal floral fabric panel allows this style to stretch throughout the day and adapt to the individual shape of each wearer’s foot. This 2V style comes with 2 removable ‘air-cushioned’ insoles which can be easily removed to provide extra depth for the insertion of orthotics, transforming the shoe from an EE wide to a 4E extra wide fit on demand. As a standard ‘Go-to’ wide fitting shoe, its soft leather uppers come complete with a shock absorbent lightweight PU injected sole, leather sock and soft leather uppers. The touch fastening Velcro strap enables easy access and comes with a decorative button. The fashionable floral panel on the upper adds a feminine edge. If you suffer from hammer toes and or bunions or suffer from circulatory or cardiovascular problems or diabetes, then this shoe is the perfect choice.

Easy B Keswick Ladies Black Stretch Shoe 2V Fit

This shoe also comes in 'Beige', a perfect neutral colour for Spring Summer.

Easy B Keswick Ladies Beige Stretch Shoe 2V Fit


For those of you who require a super extra wide fitting shoe, this style also comes in a 6V fit; Keswick Ladies Black Stretch shoe 6V Fit which means the insoles can be removed to transform the depth of the shoe from 6E (extremely wide and very deep) to 8E (extremely wide & extremely deep). This provides ultimate comfort and support for those who have the widest feet.

Our Easy B Olivia Navy Laced 2V Fit Shoe is a trendy lightweight canvas lace up comes in a 2V fit allowing the shoe to transform from an EE wide to a 4E wide with the removal of the insoles for increased depth or the insertion of orthotics. With a lace up closure, this canvas shoe comes in soft leather upper and has a back stiffener built into the shoe for increased support and comfort. This is a fashionable Spring Summer canvas shoe choice for those who require extra wide fitting shoes without comprising on style and fashion!

Easy B Olivia Navy Laced 2V Fit
Our Easy B Eunice 2V slipper is our traditional style house shoe is designed for easy access with adjustable touch straps to give an -extra-supportive fit. Its soft velour upper comes with an added shoe stiffener which together with its hard-wearing sole makes this shoe more supportive than a slipper. It comes with removable insoles for increased depth or the insertion of orthotics and therefore can transform from a 2E to a 4E width fitting as required. These slippers are easy to care for are Machine washable to 30 degrees Centigrade. This style is available in 'Black' and 'Wine' colourways.


Easy B Eunice Ladies Double Strap Slipper 2E-4E Fit

Our Easy B Havant Men’s Wide Fit Velcro Shoe is a classic leather upper style which is both smart and supremely comfortable. The single touch strap is easy to fasten and adjust if required for maximum wearer comfort throughout the day. A lightweight sole with air bubble technology provides maximum cushioning when walking. This style comes in a standard EE wide fit. Also available in Black.

Easy B Havant Men’s Wide EE Fit Velcro Shoe

For those of you who require an extra wide fitting men’s shoe, then the Easy B Reece 2 Men’s Wide Velcro 2V Fit style is the perfect choice. This is a 2v Wide fitting shoe for those men seeking a roomier, comfier fit. The removable insoles easily transform this shoe from an EE to 4E fit as required. This is a smart casual shoe fabricated in soft leather which will take you from town to country and has a seam free toe box for added comfort and effortless styling.

Easy B Reece 2 Men's Wide Velcro 2V Fit Shoe

The above style also comes in an extra wide 6V fit, Reece Men’s Xtra Wide Velcro Shoe 6V Fit. Other extra wide Easy-B Men's styles in our range include Easy B Hebden Men’s Black Laced Extra Wide Shoe and Easy B Bahamas Men’s Wide Fit Velcro Shoe 89196A

If you’re looking for a functional, practical dressy men’s slipper then try or Easy B Hamilton Men’s Wide Fit Slipper 81007N. Hamilton is an extra wide fit slipper with a shoe style sole for added support and grip. A classic style in the softest velour, so lightweight and flexible you’ll hardly know you have them on. The insoles are removable to allow for a better fit especially if you suffer from swollen or sensitive feet. The double Velcro fastening provides easy access.

Easy B Hamilton Men’s Wide Fit Slipper 81007N

Click Here to Check out our Full Easy-B Collection.

Grunwald G Comfort 

G Comfort Shoes are in the German market for over 10 years and are known to be lightweight and breathable shoes with non-slip soles. Customer satisfaction and goodwill are core values of the Grunwald brand. The Width G denotes a broader than average foot. They have extra toe room thanks to how wide they are. If you have a broader than average foot, then chances are there is something for you in the Grunwald G comfort range!

If you have wider sensitive feet and lead an active lifestyle, you’ll want a style that strikes the perfect balance between what ‘looks’ like a shoe but ‘performs’ like a trainer! The Grunwald G Comfort Ladies Wedge Velcro shoe 799-3 is an excellent quality ladies Velcro shoe for those with a wider sensitive foot. It comes with a softly padded all leather upper with a non-slip TPU outsole with a removable HD footbed in Wide H fit. The stretch material allows your toes extra room in an already wide fitting shoe. This style is one of our best sellers for the wider foot. It comes with a Water-resistant Tex lining making this the perfect active outdoor wide fitting shoe!  

Grunwald G Comfort Ladies Velcro Stretch Wedge Shoe 799-3

For a laced-up alternative with side zip for easy access check out our Grunwald G Comfort Ladies Stretch Shoe 929-2. This style comes with the exact same specifications as the Velcro option above but with a laced front and equally suits those who live an active lifestyle.

Grunwald G Comfort Ladies Stretch Shoe 929-2

If you prefer a boot, then our Grunwald G comfort Ladies Waterproof Ankle Boot P-9521R in classic burgundy is a clear winner. It comes in a Wide fit with soft leather uppers and a water-resistant lining, providing excellent support and cushioning with Double Zip for easy access and removable insole. Also available in Black.

Grunwald G Comfort Ladies Waterproof Ankle Boot P-9521R

For the man in your life our Grunwald G Comfort Men's Laced Shoe A-7827, comes with soft leather uppers and lining, Wide fit, Water-resistant lining, Excellent support and cushioning. Chunky walking outsole, Adjustable Velcro fastening, side zip for easy access and Removable Insole. If you prefer a Velcro close then our men’s Grunwald G comfort Men’s Velcro shoe A-7823 comes in Black and Brown in soft leather upper with water resistant lining, chunky walking outsole for extra grip and stability, removable insole and Velcro strap for easy on/off access.

Grunwald G Comfort Men's Laced Shoe A-7827

For an even extra wide fit, we recommend styles P-3708 with Velcro strap.

Finally, our Grunwald G Comfort Men’s Slip-on Chelsea Boot 98918 offers great comfort in a stylish smart casual look. A double gusset provides easy on/off access and looks both trendy and sporty. This eye-catching boot comes in a wide fit with soft leather uppers and a water-resistant lining. The perfect choice for the man in your life who needs a more generous wide fitting boot option.

Grunwald G Comfort Men's Slip On Chelsea Boot 98918

Click Here to Check Out Our Full Grunwald Collection.


For six decades Ara has been renowned for a wide variety of shoe fashions of the highest quality, combining attractive design with perfect fit. While many of their styles come in a standard wide fitting G fit, they also offer a number of styles in an even wider fitting or H fit. Our Ara Sapporo 2.0 Ladies Laced Shoe 32442-07 is one such style that comes is a wider H fit. The leather upper used is as soft as butter and comes with Ara’s Highsoft padded removable footbed, which, together with the Highsoft function, ensures a soft tread as it cushions every step. The trendy colour and material mix in combination with the leather and the textile stripe turn this shoe into a real eye-catcher. The thick wedge sole by Ara are just the thing for all sporty women who lead an active lifestyle. The Wider H-width ensures all day lasting comfort. They go well with a casual look and are a dependable companion even on long days.

Ara Sapporo 2.0 Ladies Laced Shoe 32442-07

If our Ara Ladies Nara Laced Athleisure Shoe 24513 05 lace-up shoe with wedge heel has not already turned your head, then the timeless design and the slip-resistant sole will surely win you over. This tasteful lace-up shoe by Ara will become a favourite in your shoedrobe in no time at all. It comes in a H Wide fit with soft leather upper with Ara’s Highsoft removable insole. The fog colour which screams of that new season pewter tone has mixes of soft grey, metallic, charcoal and black hues throughout the upper making this a real conversation starter not to mention the fact that it will pair perfectly with everything in your wardrobe.

Ara Ladies Nara Laced Athleisure Shoe 24513 05

An equally compelling favourite is our Ara Osaka Ladies Laced Shoe style 44587-66, this is a real hero for wide feet: this sneaker style with H-width from Ara offers the foot sufficient space in the shoe and prevents the development of pressure points. Maximum adaptability is guaranteed by the zipper and the lacing with metal eyelets. If this lace-up shoe with wedge heel has not already turned your head, the great, timeless design and the slip-resistant outsole just might win you over. When it comes to functionality, the combination of a practical zip fastening with adjustable laces can't be beaten. Both the inner lining and the exchangeable footbed offer significant added value in terms of wearer comfort as they are made of terry cloth. This fabric is very soft, feels great on the skin and supports the foot climate thanks to its great breathability. Furthermore, the shoe comes in a high-quality leather upper and is equipped with the innovative Highsoft technology with removable padded insole. Taken together, these features promise a soft tread and a fatigue-free walking experience all day long!

Ara Osaka Ladies Laced Shoe 44587-66

Click Here to see our Full Ara Collection.


Ecco needs no introduction when it comes to advertising comfortable stylish footwear and there are some styles which are considered very suitable for the elderly, who love the feel and support of the Ecco brand but who require a ‘broader fit.’ Our Ecco Soft 2.0 Ladies Marine Double Velcro Shoe 206513 comes in a rich breathable leather with Removable microfibre-covered inlay sole with ECCO Comfort Fibre System™. This practical, stylish, Velcro close is lightweight and versatile for all day wearer comfort and comes in classic Navy.

Ecco Soft 2.0 Ladies Marine Double Velcro Shoe 206513

Our Ecco Soft 2.0 Ladies Croc Laced Shoe 206503 Black Croc in rich breathable leather is an Ecco heritage product with classic Scandinavian styling. It comes in both black and navy. A Removable microfibre-covered inlay sole with ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ combined with soft textile lining provides optimum healthy inner climate. This is a practical, stylish, lightweight choice for those who want a classic Ecco style with lace up close that comes in a slightly broader fit. It's also available in Navy 

  Ecco Soft 2.0 Ladies Croc Laced Shoe 206503

Click Here to Checkout our Full Ecco Collection.

Q. How do I know if I need wide fitting shoes?
In simple terms, if you frequently suffer from bunions, corns and blisters, require orthotics and find standard fitting shoes to tight and/or have a genetic or underlying health condition such as (Plantar Fasciitis, fallen arches, flat feet), suffer diabetes, circulatory/pulmonary problems etc resulting in often swollen and painful feet, then chances are you are a candidate for wide fitting shoes. Check with a professional shoe fitting expert who can do an in-person measurement of BOTH feet to be sure.

Q. What are the differences between regular and wide fitting shoes?
The differences lie in the side to side (tread width) and height (depth of toe box) measurements. Variations in either of these parameters is possible in wide fitting shoes where in regular shoes they are pretty standard. depending on the requirements of the wearer. As a case in point, Easy-B comfort starts with the correct fitting in terms of length, width and toe depth to ensure the perfect fit for those who require wide fitting shoes. Refer earlier to Easy-B Infographic ‘Easy-B Wide Fitting Shoe Options and Variations’
Q. What Are some of the leading Global Brands in Wide Fitting shoes that Finn Footwear Carry?
Easy-Bs, Grunwald, Ara, Ecco are just some of the top global brands that offer numerous styles in wide or extra wide fit that we carry at Finn Footwear. Widths range from G and H Fit (Grunwald and Ara) to V, EE, 2V, 4E, 6E, 6V, 8E (Easy B). Finn Footwear has numerous styles available across these brands to suit the specific needs of those who have wider feet.

We hope you've enjoyed reading Our Blog Post A Guide to Understanding Wide Fitting Shoes | All You Need to Know. Remember to choose Finn Footwear for all your footwear needs this season. We are always available to take your calls and answer your questions!

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